Time to go solar?!


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Today though I had an extra spring in my step, the sun is out and you can really feel the temperature change after the poor recent weather.

The heat from the sun is very potent today (yes, i burn easily!) and I just starting thinking about all that potential energy that we can now utilise to save money, save power and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We are more than aware of the risks to the environment with fossil fuels especially with the current ongoing catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico with BP. The environmental impact from this will be unprecedented.

It’s only comparatively recently that we’ve all seriously begun investing in the technologies to harvest the sun’s free power, either to create electricity or to heat the water of our homes.


Their are two different energy saving systems on the market, the first is photo voltaic which uses “photo voltaic panels” to convert the suns energy into electricity. The systems are made up of thin layers of semi conducting material, usually silicon, which generates electrical charges when the sun hits them. Each cell produces a small voltage so with loads of them connected you form one panel. These systems have been a massive success in Germany with hundreds and thousands of homes having these installed – also helped by a government incentive scheme. Fingers crossed the same scheme will be available in the UK soon.  Christine Shine who Clint wrote about in an earlier blog post constructed 390 photovoltaic panels in her garden and now makes money on her own energy!

The second type is Solar Thermal. This uses solar panels to convert the suns energy into heating a home’s water. This works by the solar panels on your roof heating a constantly moving stream of water which then passes through the pipe-work in your home’s hot tank, exchanging its heat as it goes. To get maximum benefit from solar the panels need to be fitted to a south facing roof – although they can work well elsewhere.

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