Ideal Home Show – Show Homes – Open Plan Living House


The final house to look around was the open plan living house, which I thought would be the house that would appeal to me most and it didn’t let me down! It was inviting, spacious, although the décor was neutral the explosions of colour from furniture, table mats, pictures and painted wall areas made it feel exciting, warmer and more vibrant than the other houses!

Linda Barker was the designer behind this masterpiece and I think she did a grand job of creating an open plan house, decorated brilliantly, making it feel homely but modern, which is never an easy mix to create.

The house was like a large bungalow, with a balcony indoors overlooking the kitchen and living area. First room I took a look at was a girls bedroom. It was a baby pink room with basic bedroom furniture which matched the colour. The bed linen was the same pink and white stripes, under the window was a cerise chest of draws with a pink mirror on top. Simple, yet effective, I could see my little sisters loving that room!

Girls pink room

The bathroom in the house was hot! It had cool wallpaper using lines to create patterns, in purple and grey. Toilet, sink and mirror as standard in any bathroom, but all looked sparkley and completed the sophisticated look to the bathroom.

Lush bathroom

Again, there was a boy’s room in this house, but I preferred this one to the Prince’s house! Linda has given this room the white treatment, but in a fancy, modern way, with a bunk bed that is tall and beautifully designed. She has used blue pictures, chairs and duvets to add colour. I liked the room, despite it looking very simple it was unique and held it’s own in the house.

Boys room

The kitchen and living room was huge with tall ceilings creating the impression that the room was even bigger! The kitchen retained the white theme of the rest of the house, which ran throughout the furniture, walls and accessories, but it had a purple wall the entire length of the kitchen. The unusual bit was the thin mirror which ran between the worktops and cupboards, giving it a whacky edge. The kitchen draws were immaculate, looking gorgeous, but I give it a 1 out of 5 for practicality. One spag bol would have stains everywhere in this kitchen! Despite this minor flaw it was a lush kitchen and if I had a personal cleaner go behind me in the kitchen it would be ideal. Next to the kitchen by the big column like windows was the dining area, which co-ordinated splendidly with the purple place mats on the white table. Even the plates and bowls had a purple flower design in them tying them into the room brilliantly.

Purple Kitchen

Dining room table

The living room was sat in front of the breakfast bar/island in the kitchen, decorated with a green wall which couldn’t be a more opposite colour to purple, but looked stunning. Linda has again kept the white furniture, with an exquisite shelving unit for the TV, books and magazines and a big, white fabric sofa with a green flower design on the cushions. Sounds a bit gross, but when you see the picture you will (hopefully) agree it looks good! However, it pulled in colours from the kitchen in the shelving unit with a purple key hole shaped clock, complimenting the kitchen well. The living room felt very natural and relaxed, a room I would love in my house!

Living room

As you can see in the picture there is an upstairs, and although I wasn’t allowed up there, you could see it was a small, well lit separate living area. It is probably somewhere you would go to read a book and chill. This small area was decorated the same as the living room except it had red chairs, which surprisingly again, looked good against green! May have found a new favourite colour, one that is going to be bang on trend this summer!

Balcony area

The final room I viewed was the master bedroom, a plush room that looked the business! I would love this room to be my bedroom! It had duck egg wallpaper with a gold design running through it, a comfy double bed (which wasn’t to my taste) fashioned with stripes up the headboard and a grey duvet cover. It reminded me of a room I once had on holiday with the full length window next to the bed that lead into the garden.

Master Bedroom

It would make a lovely home for anyone and it is one I would strive to achieve. This luxurious, spacious home displays brilliantly how open plan houses should be! I hope you have enjoyed reading about the 3 houses at the Ideal Home Show and maybe it has given you a few ideas for your home?

Drop me a comment about what you think of the houses, which is your favourite, rooms you particularly like or if you went do you agree with me?

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