How to deal with the Winter blues

By on 8th January in Home Inspiration

Have you noticed that when your mind feels good, your body feels good, but when one of them is out of kilter, then you don’t feel so good and life seems harder?

Following the excitement of the Christmas festivities and now the continuing wet and windy weather, some of us maybe suffering from the ‘Winter blues’ or as it has also been labelled the ‘January blues‘.

With the third Monday of January (otherwise know as ‘Blue Monday’) said to be the worst in the month when our credit card bills arrive.   Some people have said that in fact the first Monday in January  is the worst, following their return to work.

During the Winter are you a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ person?


 Relaxing in a conservatory on a bright day will help to alleviate those Winter blue feelings

So what should you do when you feel the onset of Winter blues?  Here are some suggestions we think may help you.

1.    Make time to relax

De-stress yourself by making time to do things that you enjoy and give you pleasure, whether it is spending time with friends and family, having a luxurious bubble bath with candles around the room or snuggling up on the sofa reading a good book or watching a film.

2.    Eating healthily

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to maintain your health.  Try not to eat too many processed or sugary foods as these can affect your energy levels, giving you immediate highs and sugar lows.  Listen to your body’s requirements.

3.    Manage your stress levels

If you are stressed your emotions will take over which can make you feel tired and lethargic.  Stress can be debilitating, overwhelming and stop you doing what you would really like to do.  Take five minutes to sit and calm down, release the tension from your body by practising  some slow deep breathing exercises which will help to reduce your heart rate and relax your body.

4.    Have a sunny disposition!

When the weather is wet, dull and cold and you’re felling under par, it is all too easy to remain in that mind set.  Try to pick up your mood, be positive and not negative.  Do something that you enjoy, whether it is going for a walk, chatting to friends or just enjoying the world around you.

Remember how you feel when you are happy, laugh and have a smile on your face.  It is infectious and can make everyone else feel brighter too. The world is a better place if you are happy and not sad.


5.   Enjoy the light

Sit near a window or in a conservatory to make the most of the daylight available.

Why not make the effort to make both your mind and body feel good during the Winter period?  Read TV medic  Dr Rob Hicks’ comments on the findings of the Anglian survey conducted last year, along with some recommendations to help you feel better.

Some of the details in the report showed that the ‘winter blues’ can last until February (this can extended further due to weather conditions).  Three quarters of those that responded said the reduction in daylight during the winter has an effect on their sleep patterns (76%) and on their sense of wellbeing (74%).  79% said the reduction in daylight over the winter months has had a negative effect on their mood.

We would love to hear about the tricks you use to reduce the effects of  the Winter blues and make you feel better.  Whether it is eating a particular food or getting out for daily exercise on a bright day.

Send us your seasonal suggestions and preventions to [email protected]

Remember…don’t get down get happy!


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