Government On Track To Meet Energy Efficiency Targets, But Are You?

By on 14th December in Home Inspiration

The government has set itself some tough targets for the next 40 years, signing a law that they must have cut the UK’s carbon emissions by 80  on 1990 measures, by 2050.

Since 1990, emissions have already been cut by 25, which indicates they are well on track to achieving their 2050 target. The government believe their current green policies will exceed the 34 target that was set for the first 15 years under the Climate Change Act.

According to the government, these carbon plans are being put into place to try and rebalance the economy, which has seen the cost of living increase dramatically. With the ever increasing energy bills, the government wants to reduce the dependency on imported energy, which will of course help reduce our bills.

So, that is what the government is doing, but what are you doing to help? Why not look at getting your own eco-friendly home improvements to help reduce your bills now?

Anglian Home Improvements offers a range of products to reduce your energy bills, be it through solar energy or new EcoGain windows.

Our EcoGain windows are A-rated, double glazed windows that have the potential to shave off up to £150 on your annual energy bills. Thanks to their top of the range technology, the low emissivity glass and sealed units make sure heat stays in your home. In fact, the technology is so good that it helps increase the heat of the room by allowing more solar energy in than the heat let out. This is great during the cold winter months.

If you are happy with your windows, but are interested in free electricity, with the potential to earn a small profit on the side, why not invest in photovoltaic solar energy? Even with the reduced Feed-in-Tariff, you could potentially still earn up to £393 a year from photovoltaic panels. If you are looking to sell your home too, solar panels will add value and increase your homes energy rating, making it even more appealing to potential buyers.

The global energy consumption is growing at a tremendous rate, so we need to do our bit as a country and as individuals to improve our energy efficiency.

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Anglian Home Improvements raising the standard of our homes energy efficiency. Visit the Anglian website for information on our EcoGain windows.

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