Energy Saving Week – Tip 5

By on 28th October in Home Inspiration

It is the final day of Energy Saving Week and the final tip from Anglian Home Improvements, so I hope that you can start using these tips to make your home a energy efficient fortress.

Tip no. 5 is to install a condensing boiler. You may think to yourself, “my boiler is fine though”, but boilers account for 60 of your energy bills, so if you have an inefficient boiler, that is money literally boiling away.

If you want to save up to £300 a year (according to Energy Saving Trust) and reduce your homes CO2 emissions drastically, replace your boiler with an A-rated energy efficient condensing boiler. The reason a condensing boiler is more efficient than older boilers is because of how they prevent heat loss. It has a bigger heat exchanger which recovers more heat, sending cooler gases up the flue. Sometimes the gases are so cool the water vapour in the gas condenses out, which means even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour.

If your old boiler is a G rating you will save about £300 a year, reducing your carbon emissions by 1,220kg by installing a condensing boiler. If you have a D rated boiler you will still save £105 a year, reducing your carbon by 420kg. There is massive savings to be had and by replacing your G rated boiler with a condensing boiler, it will have paid for itself after 10 years!

Thermostat can be turned down

Hopefully, with the advice given throughout this week you have got plenty of ideas and advice to create a more energy efficient home.

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