Could You be an Entrepreneur of Energy Efficiency?

By on 11th September in Home Inspiration

An injection of cash will help low carbon entrepreneurs to develop new ideas with £16 million being put forward for the Entrepreneurs fund. This is part of a £35 million fund announced earlier this year.

£6 million of this fund will be available for generating power and energy storage techniques such as fuel cells, biomass boilers and heat pumps. £10 million will be in support of energy efficiency technologies such as building control systems, advanced lighting systems and space heating and cooling technologies. The second phase of the scheme will be launched in the early part of 2013.

Green technologies are vital to aid the growth of this country’s low carbon economy and with intelligent, young individuals coming through our schooling systems, all who have grown up with an understanding of the green issues surrounding the world, they should have some bright ideas.

The Entrepreneur Fund is now open for applications, but what ideas do you have that could get the funding and change the world?

Here is some food for thought – Could we invent solar windows that generate electricity? Imagine your new double glazed windows and conservatory generating enough energy to power your home.

Could we develop a roofing tile that is a solar-cell, producing electricity for your home? With the amount of roof-space available across the whole world, serving no other purpose than to shelter, why don’t we utilise this space to generate electricity?

Solar panels are the current way to generate energy but what about roof tiles that do that too?

Could you invent a car that ran on seawater? I read this article, which suggests it could be closer than we think…using a Radio Frequency Generator (RFG), the chemical bonds are broken, with the heat output from the RFG igniting the hydrogen. If this article is genuine it could prove to be a revolution for the power source of motor vehicles, it is a complete game changer! The earth is 70 ocean so we are in abundance of potential fuel, but what would be the consequences should seawater become a fuel? Dropping sea levels? What are the bi-products of this process? As there are still many questions surrounding this possible invention, I think it will be a few more years before this dream becomes a reality.

There are hundreds of intelligent people out there who will be inventing green technology as we speak; be it creating something completely new or redefining older technology to make it more efficient. From everyday items in our household to how we travel, eco-friendly, carbon neutral products are becoming a bigger part of our lives and in years to come, our lives will probably orientate around being efficient. The world is growing and with it is the demand for raw materials, but if we cannot replenish these or invest time and money into renewable energy, the earth may be a very different place in a century. With money being pumped into the Entrepreneurs Fund, new green technology can only be round the corner.

Have you got any great ideas that could change the world? How long do you think we have to wait for the next big invention that will change the way we live? Leave a comment as we would love to hear about your ingenious idea!

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