Control Your Heating From Your Smartphone

By on 12th December in Home Inspiration

You may not think your smartphone is that smart, but it is about to get a whole lot more intelligent with this new invention – it is a smart home energy system called PassivEnergy.

This incredible new system allows you to control your heating and hot water from a touch screen interface at your home or online or even from an application on your smartphone!

Setting it up is easy to do. The system starts by setting a few basic rules, learning how long your home takes to warm up and cool down and when you are most likely to need hot water. From there it can switch on and off accordingly, meaning you only use your utilities when you need to. There is no point in your heating coming on, if you aren’t going to be there!

PassivEnergy app

Colin Calder, the inventor of this system, says the design is simple to use and can be adapted to manage all your energy needs including air-conditioning, solar installations and heat pumps.

PassivEnergy carried out a study that discovered 47 of us don’t know how our heating works. I am not surprised by this as I was recently trying to sort the timing on my thermostat only to find no matter what I did, it wouldn’t come on when I wanted it to.

The smart new system sends data to secure company servers every 10 minutes, which helps analyse your energy usage and help supply balancing on the national grid. As it is controllable from anywhere in the world, you could be on a long weekend away, but forget to turn the heating off. With the click of a button on your mobile phone it can be switched off.

The system is especially suitable if you are looking to live in a carbon neutral home, as the PassivEnergy system can reduce your energy bills by up to 23, which is another great step for energy efficiency.

Thanks to this ease and intelligence of this system, I don’t think it is too long before systems like this are mainstream.

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