Come Rain Or Shine, Conservatories Are Ideal


With the seasons changing (at last!) from winter to spring, interest in conservatories increases, with many people wanting a brighter room to relax, eat and drink in during the summer months.

A recent article by the Daily Telegraph stated that people are looking for alternative ways to enjoy their gardens as the British weather is so unreliable! One way to benefit would be a conservatory, giving your house extra space, extra value and giving you the chance to enjoy your garden whether it’s raining and cold or dry and warm.

This popular newspaper suggested that a good design is essential, otherwise the overall look of your home can be damaged, but at Anglian we strive to find a conservatory suitable for your home, and your requirements.

Talking of good designs, Anglian has designed “the saviour of the British summer” with a unique conservatory veranda, which takes the general concept of a conservatory, but extends the roof out past the normal wall line creating a sheltered area. This aesthetic design gives you the opportunity to sit outside under the shelter even if it is raining, giving this conservatory the summer x-factor enabling you to have a BBQ without worrying what the weather will be like.

Conservatory Verandah at Ideal Home Show 2010

It will not only save your BBQ, but it gives you somewhere cooler to sit rather than inside your conservatory, which can occasionally become overly hot (unless you have Anglian’s solaroof on your conservatory), giving you summer air, the smell of freshly cut grass and daisies growing in the garden, and a nice cold beverage in your hand. Bliss!

All this talk of sun, BBQ’s and cold beverages has got me excited about the summer! Not long now 🙂

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