The Best Interior Design Products Made in Britain!

By on 8th October in Home Inspiration

Here at Good to be Home, we’re always on the look-out for innovative, interesting design pieces that break away from conventional design as well making aspects of our home lives that little bit easier.

So, when we find great pieces that are made here in Britain, it becomes even more exciting. We’ve handpicked a selection of a few of our favourite interior design products to show you some fantastic work that is being created right on our very doorsteps.

If you’re interested in British-made products, make sure to enter our ‘Made in Britain Competition‘ before the deadline!

Deadgood Bookshelf – £35.00


Wire Bookshelf in Black - Made In Britain

Deadgood are the home of British modern furniture, and they also have a host of innovative accessories including this ingenious bookshelf by Max Lamb. It ‘incorporates a simple U-Bend to support your favourite book, in turn, creating a perfect bookend to lean additional literary classics up against’. 

Fonteyn Dressing Table – £349


Fonteyn Dressing Table - Made in Britain

Designed by Steuart Padwick, the Fonteyn dressing table comes in a range of finishes, from oak and walnut with a number of different colour options too. ‘Inspired by a dancer’s poise, this compact table is elegantly balanced, with slender, tapered legs and gracefully curved edges’, and you can take a look at it further here.

Polygon Shelving Unit – £299


Polygon Shelving Unit - Made in Britain

Combined with retro design and surprisingly functional storage space, this Polygon shelving unit is the perfect way to create a storage statement in style. ‘Beautiful in classic wood tones – they’re a great addition to living rooms, studies or bedrooms. Also available in walnut’.

Embrace Table in Walnut – £295
Embrace Table - Made in Britain

Designed by John Green, the Embrace table range was originally thought up during John’s uni days. It is ‘proudly handmade in the UK’, with each unit signed and stamped on completion before shipping. It’s also available in oak and birch finishes.

Camerino Valet Stand – currently sold out

Camerino Valet Stand - Made in Britain

The Camerino is ‘a contemporary valet stand that provides a convenient place to hang your belongings, keeping your house tidy and giving a home to your pocket ephemera’. It has flown off the shelves from the online store, yet you can sign up to be contacted when it’s back in stock. (And if you really can’t wait that long, they have lots of other items in the range, too). 

For those who appreciate the design of the Camerino Valet stand, we’ve covered it before as a great example of compact bathroom design products.

Fire Escape Shelf Unit – £168.99

Fire Escape Shelving Unit - Made in Britain

Combining American fire escape design with British craftsmanship, the fire escape shelf unit looks modern and interesting as well as being the perfect place to display some of your favourite items. Each piece is handcrafted, meaning they are all truly unique and individual.

Tea Cup Stool – £159

Tea Cup Stool - Made in Britain

No list of great British design pieces would be complete without a nod towards a true British staple…a good cup of tea! We fell in love with this tea cup stool, which could also easily double up as a coffee or side table thanks to its size and surprising versatility. It also comes in 9 different colours if white isn’t your…cup of tea.

Mensa Coffee Table – £2,000

Mensa Coffee Table - Made in Britain

Blow the budget with a piece of artwork in the form of a coffee table. The Mensa coffee table is ‘constructed using birch plywood modules with stainless steel rods to add to the structure and rigidity’. 

Counter Balance Tall Shelving – £725

Counter Balance Tall Shelving - Made in Britain

As the name suggests, this piece is a  twist on the best selling Balance range. ‘Counter Balance adds stylish, contrasting storage, whilst maintaining the timeless appeal of the original. Available in the combinations of oak and charcoal or oak and white’. 

Bubble Fish Tank – £295

Bubble Tank - Made in Britain

‘Made from premium glass, hand-blown and slumped by a master glassblower each tank has it’s own unique form and individual characteristics’. Therefore this is a truly luxurious and interesting way to display your household pet! The Bubble tank will be a conversation piece as soon as you choose where to put it in your home. 

This shape reminds us of a few amazing decanters we reviewed in April.

Kaori Clothes Rail, Large – £290

Kaori Clothes Rail, Large - Made in Britain

The ‘Kaori Clothes Rail is a fusion of both traditional and modern materials and techniques, nodding at a wide range of design influences from shaker to minimal Japanese’. These styles are perfect for those who want a functional clothes rail yet don’t want to spend half their lives putting it together, too!

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