60 per cent of British couples argue over the heating

By on 15th November in Home Inspiration

Some interesting statistics have been released following a survey by Anglian Home Improvements suggesting there are a lot of heated rows about heating.

I don’t know about you, but my other half and I fall into the 82% of people that try to keep their heating off for as long as possible, especially with fuel bills continuing to rise and not looking like they will stop.

Couple arguing about bills

The survey unveiled some interesting figures such as women feel the cold more easily than men, with one in ten being more susceptible to draughts and a quarter suffering from cold hands and feet.

Men are unsurprisingly a bit more hardy, 38% of which saying they are generally at a comfortable temperature, whilst 30% say they tend to get too hot easily.

The living room is the main area that such ‘debates’ occur, where more than 4 in ten couples will bicker about when the heating should go on and how hot it should be. This can be up to three times a week for the typical couple. The average temperature of a home is 20ºC, despite the Government recently stating it should be 21ºC, but can we afford that extra degree?

You can save £65 per year by turning your thermostat down a degree according to Energy Saving Trust. If there are 26.4 million homes in the UK, then there is potentially £1.7 billion to be saved by the UK every year!

50% of men would love to be able to walk around the house in just a t-shirt, whilst three quarters of women like to be able to get out of the bath or shower without feeling cold.

A worrying stat to come out of this survey was two in five couples will struggle to pay their heating bills during winter. With 30% of heat leaking out of inefficient windows and doors, there are savings to be had that will help all of these couples maintain a comfortable room temperature.

New Anglian EcoGain windows can actually help heat your home, so they are definitely a worthwhile investment for the freezing winter months and to help stop you and your partner having a barney.

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