0-60mph in 1.6 seconds!

By on 6th June in Home Inspiration

Can you believe that there is an electric car out there that can do this?! It is true, two brothers from Berkshire were on a mission to prove that an eco-friendly car doesn’t have to be sluggish.

Sam and Olly Young gained sponsorship from their local pub to fund their zero emissions car, which is actually made up of a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle and a milk float of all vehicles. They have named this beast, Black Current.

This sleek, black Beetle has now set the record for being the first electric car to travel a quarter of a mile in under 10 seconds, at the racing strip, Santapod.

The boys were fed up with the complaints that electric cars were sluggish and therefore boring, even if they are good for the environment.

The car has some pretty impressive stats as it’s top speed has, so far, been clocked at 135mph, managing a quarter mile in 9.51 seconds and doing 0-60mph in 1.6 seconds. This makes my little 206 look like a milk float!

The brothers have been hand-building electric cars in their workshop for the last 8 years, coming up with the crazy idea possibly by fluke. The milk float happened to be next to the Beetle at the time, so they combined the two, also installing 12-volt motorcycle batteries to it, which created this speedy green machine.

However, they believe that the car has a lot more potential, by putting in a lithium gel battery pack; Olly and Sam think the car could go a lot faster! The question on my mind is, how far can it travel on one charge? What can researchers learn from Black Current to improve the electric cars released at this time?

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