44 Halloween Decorations you can make for Under £5 each!

By on 18th October in Featured, Guides

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year and want to do so in style but are on a rather modest budget…have no fear! We’ve rounded up 44 scarily-good ideas that you can make to delight and spook your guests for under £5.

Noteworthy No-Carve Pumpkins

No-carve Pumpkins

You can pick up a pumpkin for £1 from most good supermarkets, so go wild! The trend of the moment is to not actually carve into them either, which makes your job much easier, too. Instead, decorate them with things you have lying around, such as paint, sparkles or even using sharpies.

Creepy Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

If you do still favour the more traditional carved look, we’ve included some of our favourite examples of those as well, which should also not cost you more than a couple of pounds each. You can even get templates online for free, too.

Gruesome Ghouls

Ghost Decorations

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a few ghoulish guests, so get crafty with some every-day materials to bring the dead to life! There’s something here for all age groups if your little ones wanted to get involved as well which is handy.

Super Spooky Spiders

Spider Decorations

Skin will crawl with these spider decorations, made from household items such as pipe cleaners and wool, and you can even buy plastic spiders at pound stores. Make webs with bin bags or frame a doily for a vintage, antique web effect.

Bat crazy!

Bat Decorations

Have bats hanging down at your guests from all corners of the ceiling for maximum, eerie effect. Cut them out from black card and hang them on clear string. You could also hang them from a branch from the garden to bring the outdoors in.

Bone-Chilling Banners and Signs

Halloween Signs

Little details like signage can make all the difference, and these ones would be super easy to replicate. We especially love the Harry Potter mirror one, which could easily be created with a red lipstick! You could use blackboards for signage too, and you can pick these up really cheaply.

Eerie Exterior Decor

Exterior Decorations

Don’t forget to spook your guests from the very beginning, by adding some decorations to the entrance to your home. Things like window and door coverings are a given, but we also love these ‘floating’ witches’ hats and Wizard of Oz-inspired witch legs appearing from under the welcome mat; fill a pair of stripy tights with tissue and add pointy boots to the feet for a super savvy decoration.

Menacing Mood Lighting

Halloween Lights

Set the scene and ambience with mood lighting without breaking the bank. Mason/jam jars make perfect candle holders that you decorate really simply, and fairy lights  are also a really cheap and quite pretty option if you’re going for a more sophisticated look.

Scarily-Sweet Treats

Halloween Sweet Treats

If you’re serving food at your party, here are some great ideas for spooky desserts and sweet treats that you can make (or buy and just decorate) really cheaply. We especially love the gruesome ice cubes that kids will no doubt go crazy for, and you could make adult-friendly ones with alcohol, too!

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