How to utilise the space in your kitchen

By on 26th February in Guides

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, there never seems to be enough room for all your pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and utensils, but how can you use the space in your kitchen to its maximum potential?

Some people may say get rid of any kitchen items you don’t use, but when you are like me and cooking Michelin-Star food every night (chicken nuggets counts right?), you need lots of pots, pans and kitchen gadgets to achieve such standards. But, in a small kitchen how can you keep these essential culinary tools without cluttering up your kitchen?

Starting small

Drawer organisers are one of the best kitchen space savers ever in my opinion as it is so simple! This drawer organiser from SieMatic is for those who want a home for everything. It looks so sleek in the grey drawers too. #kitchenheaven

Drawer organiser by SieMatic

Design innovation

Drawers that double as table and chairs

Here is an alternative way to use your kitchen drawers, offering you an area to sit down and eat without having a dining table cluttering the room. This table for two made by German company ALNO would be ideal for city dwellers that have a small kitchen.

Your kitchen may not have much drawer space, so maybe you can utilise a spare wall? This photo frame folding table from Ivy Design is a discrete and well disguised way to make the most of your kitchen. The picture is changeable so you can have a portrait of your family, a glorious countryside scene or whatever suits the room.

Photo table folding

Hard to home Herbs

When you don’t have much kitchen space finding a place to store your herbs or, if you like to cook with fresh herbs, where to store the live plants can be difficult. For dried herbs and spices, this magnetic chalk board is ideal! It’s quirky, it’s easy to grab your herbs and it wouldn’t take up any room in the kitchen!

Magnetic herb rack

I love this magnetic chalk board! This is such an awesome idea and relatively easy to make. Simply buy a piece of steel or a magnetic material; buy some chalk board paint and give the steel a good couple of coats. Once dry, hang it wherever you need it and get yourself some magnetic spice pots from Ikea to complete your super spice rack.

Window box

So you may not have much room inside your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilise the space outside the window with a herb box. Retro, classic, chic. Whatever you want to call it, a window herb box adds life and soul to your kitchen. A herb box just an arm reach away is also ideal for the budding chef looking to experiment with his dishes, whilst learning to tender such useful plants.


Whatever space issues you are having in your kitchen, there is always a way to remedy this. It is simply a case of using what you can and being innovative.

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