Secure your home this Autumn

By on 15th October in Guides

It is getting to that time of year again where the nights are drawing in, temperatures are dropping and soon we will be thinking about Christmas (oh no, I said the C word). With the dark creeping up on us, it creates more cover for potential burglars to target your home, so having a secure home is vital. Here we will look at where your home could be most vulnerable.


Anglian Palma Doors

The first port of call for many burglars (not that I talk from experience) is the front door. If you have an old, rotten wooden door, it is definitely worth replacing. It will be weak and easily prised open or kicked in. If your door is 10 years old or older, the lock may be at risk from picking, bumping or snapping, all nifty tricks that the more well trained thief will be capable of.

Having a lock like the Yale locks, which are anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill and are fitted as standard with Anglian’s doors, will help give you piece of mind that any burglar can stroll into your house. Having a robust door installed into a sturdy frame that is penetrated with steel shoot bolts will also add to the stability of the door, making it very hard to kick the door in without making a scene. Here we have described what anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill locks are.

A good old fashion chain across the door is another barrier any burglar will dread coming up against. It is just another obstacle they have to tackle, which could draw attention to them when trying to be subtle.

Top tip: don’t leave a spare key under a plant pot – burglars are more clever than we think.


Your door may be secure, but what about your windows? According to three out of ten burglaries are through a back window, whilst two out of ten burglars do not use force to gain entry, meaning we need to be more vigilant about our security.

Ensure all ground floor windows are closed and the same goes for any upstairs windows that are above a flat roof. Also lock away any ladders so any upstairs windows that may be open, cannot be accessed. Lock and key windows are the most secure as the handle manoeuvres shoot bolts into the frame, prevent them being jimmied open. The strength of the window frame will also prevent forced entry through windows. Poorly made and weak windows will easily be broken into, so having solid windows will make a burglar’s life a misery.

Attempted break in through an Anglian Window

A failed attempt to break in through an Anglian Window (read full story of this here)

Planting prickly shrubbery under windows and putting away all garden tools, bikes etc will make life even harder for a burglar targeting your home, and gives them nothing to steal quickly. To light things up at night, think about installing a security light that turns on when anyone walks onto your driveway. This should be enough to put off any opportunist in the middle of the night.

Top tip: when on holiday ask a neighbour to park in your drive, turn your lights on at night and close your curtains.

As the cold and dark sets in, the last thing we want is the stress of having our worldly possessions stolen. Home security is paramount in our happiness so if you are thinking about installing new windows or doors, ensure they are of the highest quality materials with robust locks. Then it is down to you and your family to make sure they are always locked when you are out of the house.

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