5 Amazing Wallpaper Ideas that Will Revamp Your Interior

By on 10th January in Featured, Guides

Wallpaper can have a dramatic impact on a room. It can be used sparingly or to transform the whole feel. Wallpaper is now rightly taken seriously as an art form, with many top designers and artists now lending their talents to the industry. We wanted to pay tribute to some of the leading wallpaper wizards, with some of the best designs which you can add to your amazing wallpaper ideas Pinboard and take your interiors to the next level.

Arthur Slenke

This Dutchman clearly takes his art seriously. A recent project involved deconstructing previously undiscovered turn-of-the-century sheet music into clippings arranged into subject matter. Using state-of-the-art scanning techniques, the designs highlight tiny ink stains, corrected errors and differing calligraphic writing styles. REM 01-08 Remixed are designs worthy of a rich and obscure history.













Earth Inke

The very English style of Earth Inke’s wallpaper designs are achieved through Katherine Morris’s hand-drawn motifs. The artist’s rural Shropshire upbringing is represented through whimsical drawings of poppies, moths, and teasels as well as the delightful swallows featured ‘On a Wire’ below. ‘All my designs are based on my favourite things; memories as a child growing up in the countryside and things that generally make me smile,’ Katherine told the Sleep Matters Club, ‘Each wallpaper has a little story of where it comes from: ‘Teasels’ for example was created because when I was little my mum and I used to collect them for the house and we would go teasel spotting wherever we may be. She used to tell me that they were what foxes brushed their tails with, so inevitably, I loved them.’



Cookie Bros

The Amsterdam-based Cookie Bros’ tattoo wallpaper is sure to grab attention from any visitor to your home. The designs on the no-repeat paper is influenced by vintage tattoos and is a source of endless fascination. Tattoo Wallpaper was produced in collaboration with American tattooist Daniel ‘Danny Boy’ Sawyer to give added authenticity.


Samana by Matthew Williamson

The island paradise designs by this London fashion designer add a touch of the exotic to the home. Dragonflys, peacocks and tropical flora brighten up the drabbest rooms and inject it with a vibrancy which cannot be matched with emulsion. The designer has clearly being inspired by his travels and the result is designs which jump off the wall to give you a real essence of the tropics.



Mulberry Home, much like its fashion counterpart, takes inspiration from traditional English heritage and produces patterns with a modern twist.












Considering wallpaper trends for the forthcoming year, Katherine Morris, from Earth Inke had these predictions: ‘I think we’ll see more fully wallpapered rooms rather than feature walls, including using larger scale patterns. I hope that wallpapered patterned ceilings will make an appearance. It seems quite daunting, however with the right pattern a wallpapered ceiling can be simply beautiful and can suit a lot of spaces. See Pinterest for some current examples. Honestly it could be for you!’

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