This is the Ultimate Writer’s Shed

By on 28th April in Garden

When someone mentioned a garden shed in Hackney that was attracting people’s attention, I had a few images come to mind. None of them were anything like this. This illuminated writer’s shed, created by Weston, Surman & Deane, is designed to be a writing retreat for a so far unnamed writer.

We’re not going all ‘Through the Keyhole’ with it, but if you can guess who the writer is, let us know.

The space is reportedly designed to fit the writer’s love of children’s literature and mythology, and it’s not hard to see where these elements fit in to the quirky wooden space.WS8 The inner facade of the shed is made with shingle cladding, and creates a very simple feel that won’t distract from the writer’s daily routine. Cedar wood screens front the veranda that faces the house, accompanied by a large sliding door that, paired by the small gaps in the wood, let the light out and illuminate the garden by night.


The inside of the shed is filled with carefully-chosen features and ornaments that leave it feeling lived in but not cluttered. The main highlights are a wood burner- which is definitely the central focus of the room- with asymmetrical bookshelves around it, an old sink with brass taps, a desk (obviously) and a small space in the veranda outside for dry logs to be kept.
WS6 If you want to see more inspirational designs, take a look at this German architect who made a house made completely from mirrors.WS5 WS3 Weston, Surman & Deane was born from three architecture graduates at the Royal College of Art after the success of their design for the Student Union Cafe.


The project was nominated for the AJ Small Project Awards 2014, which was eventually won by Gillespie Yunnie Architects.

Read more about the AJ Small Project Awards 2014.WS11

Design by Weston, Surman & Deane

Photography by Wai Mind Ng

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