Trust Gnome One – your garden could be a crime target this summer

By on 13th June in Garden

Garden gnomes made the news recently when the Royal Horticultural Society announced they would be allowed at the Chelsea Flower Show this year to help them celebrate their centenary year.

We couldn’t resist getting in on the act at Anglian and it seems we were not the only ones. Nottingham Police Force has launched its summer campaign “Trust Gnome One” which features a gnome disguised as a burglar, equipped with crowbar and a torch. This campaign hopes to encourage the public to be aware of their garden and home security. The posters and two 5ft cardboard gnomes placed at garden centres across the county bring a fun side but a serious message to alert the public.

With the warmer weather hopefully just around the corner, opportunist thieves are always on the look out for an open window, door or gardening tool that has been left unattended for a period of time that they can take away.  We are always reminded by the Police to be aware and not give anyone the opportunity to spoil our day.

Nottingham Police Gnomes

Image from Nottingham Police force

Security for our homes, gardens and possessions is always a top priority. Keeping things safe from opportunist thieves should always be at the back of our minds.

Many people either over or under estimate the cost of what they have or simply don’t realise the value of the items they have standing around outside.  This could be a pricey mistake to make.  Your garden items are generally acquired over a number of years and the cost is spread out.

It is not until you see how much it could cost to replace with new items, that it can become a little shocking.  So we decided to add up the cost of the garden furniture, ornaments, BBQs, wood burners, pots, exotic plants and gardening equipment.

Here is what we thought could be found in an average garden, excluding the children’s toys and play equipment:-













Wooden Sun loungers x 2





Wooden table set (6 chairs)


Medium sized chiminea


Garden Umbrella 



Swinging chair



2 tier topiary



Exotic plants



Wooded Deck chairs





Lawn Mower


Hedge Trimmer





Garden tools


Water Butt



Garden Pots x 4












And if you have a selection of children’s play equipment in the garden this figure could increase significantly.
By the time you have reached the bottom of the above list we are sure you will be quite shocked by the total, and you might have other things in your garden that we have not listed.

The cost to replace these things let along the inconvenience it would cause makes me want to rush out into my garden and lock all my things away and chain my plants down.

Should you have the misfortune of items being stolen from your garage and home,  your contents insurance policy should cover this.  However, items outside your home i.e. garden furniture or equipment may need additional cover;  while the loss of or stolen items outside a certain distance from your home may not be covered, and individual items worth more than a certain amount may have to be specified on the insurance policy. We suggest that you always check with your insurance provider, what is and is not covered for your home and garden.

Rea 1

 An Anglian conservatory with garden furniture and pots around a patio area.

Always take the time to shut and lock your doors and windows when you leave your home, do not leave them open or unattended.

Here are some helpful tips from Nottingham Police with a few of our own ideas added:

– Leave garden tools outside or at the front of your home unattended for any period of time.
– Leave sheds and outbuildings unlocked when not in use
– Leave garden gates open
– Leave house doors unlocked at the front of your house if you are working outside in the back garden.
– Have expensive plants in free standing pots in your front garden
– Secure large items such as ladders and cycles together with a chain
– Use outside security lights to alert you to movement around your home and garden
– Ensure that the shed door has strong hinges and a good lock to make it harder to open
– Make sure that any windows you have left open are closed and secured
– Invest in a shed alarm – it doesn’t have to be expensive
– Deter thieves by making sure your property is clearly marked
– Take a photograph and keep a record of the items that  you have in the shed and around your garden.
– Always take the time to shut your doors and windows when you leave your home, do not leave them open or your home unattended

Keep your home and garden safe this summer, regardless of  the weather!


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