Transform Your Old Guttering Into Flower Beds

By on 13th April in Garden

I cannot take credit for this great idea, instead I saw it on Mel’s Mouthful on Mothering, who has had a go herself at creating this ingenuis idea of turning old guttering into beds to grow herbs and vegetables.

The idea was originally designed by, along with a whole selection of other quirky household items you can grow plants in.

plants in guttersImage sourced

These are quite simple to make, all you need is some old guttering, some plants, a drill, screws, brackets and maybe a saw to cut to length.

1) Start by measuring the length of guttering you want to use, cutting to size. Top tip – drill holes in the bottom of the guttering for drainage.

2) Next, drill holes where the brackets need to go, measuring to ensure correct distance apart.

3) Then screw the brackets into place and put the guttering into position.

4) It should be sturdy and secure, so if you feel it is safe enough, get your hands dirty putting in soil, compost and bedding the vegetables, herbs or flowers of your choice.

I think these look fantastic and if you happen to need new guttering, it is worthwhile recycling the old gutters in new, quirky ways. Putting these up on the side of your house, a shed or a fence is a fun and inspirational way to grow your own flowers, vegetables or herbs. Having your own selection of fresh herbs in your garden is great if you are fan of cooking, giving you easy access to a range of interesting flavours to add to your meals.

If you have any innovative, creative ideas like this, we would love for you to share them with us! Feel free to tell us about your unusual household items you have converted into beautiful garden pots.



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