The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide [Infographic]

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If you’re getting mowed in the neighbourhood turf war, you’re doing the right thing in looking for tips to improve. Your lawn is important. Of all features of the house, the lawn is the part that passers-by will judge you on, and that just won’t do.

The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide will show you how to:

  • Mow like a pro
  • Aerate like a champ
  • Scarify like a badass
  • Water like a wizard
  • Turf like a boss
  • Feed like a king
  • Weed like the Terminator
  • Seed like a superstar
  • And a calendar showing the best times to do the above!

Who has the best lawn in your neighbourhood? After reading this, you will. The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide, from Good to be Home.


The ultimate lawn care guide

It’s the never-ending battle of suburbia: who has the best lawn?
If your turf is looking a little bit worse for wear, fear not. You can still have golf-course-worthy grass with a bit of tender lawnin’ care.
How to get the perfect lawn
1. Mow like a pro
Cut the grass, not yourself
Use a sharp blade
• Dull blades tear the grass and allow disease pathogens to enter the plant
Mow high
• Longer grass keeps the soil cool and traps in moisture, meaning stronger roots
• Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade in any one mow
2. Aerate like a champ
Aeration: poking small holes in the soil to let air, water and nutrients penetrate the grass roots
Do it if your lawn:
o Gets heavy use
o Dries out easily
How to aerate:
Timely tip: Aerate your lawn least once a year.
3. Scarify like a badass
Scarifying removes thatch – i.e. you rake out old grass, dead moss and debris
Plan ahead
• It’s best to scarify over short, dry grass – so gradually mow the grass lower 1-2 weeks before scarifying
Don’t go too deep
• Scarifying deeply can damage the turf
Timely tip:
Spring = raking and light scarifying
Autumn = heavy scarifying
4. Water like a wizard
Too much or too little water can harm your lawn
Tell-tale signs of a thirsty lawn:
• Is dull and has changed colour
• Leaves have rolled up
• Lack of ‘springiness’ – footprints remain in the lawn instead of the grass springing back
How much to water:
• At least ½ inch for clay soil
• 1 inch for sandy soil
o Place an empty tin on your lawn to see how much you’ve watered
o Avoid frequent shallow watering as this creates a shallow root system
Timely tip: Never water your lawn at night – try doing it before the heat of day instead.
5. Turf like a boss
Consider turfing if your lawn’s a muddy mess and kids or pets mean seeding is impractical
Prepare the soil
• Get rid of weeds
• Dig in well-rotted manure
• Level the soil
• Tread and rake the area
• Avoid walking over newly laid turf for several weeks while it roots in the soil
6. Feed like a king
It’s Lawn v. Food time
Apply it evenly
• Otherwise, the grass really will be greener on one side
Provide seasonal foods
7. Weed like the Terminator
Remove weeds before they take over your garden
Use your mower
• Grass withstands its leaves being cut better than weeds do
Use a hand fork
• Manually remove rosette-type weeds (dandelions, daises or plantains)
Use a selective lawn weedkiller
• Check the label first to see if it’ll work on the weeds you’re tackling
Timely tip: The best time for weedkiller is in late spring, when weeds have germinated.
8. Seed like a superstar
Get seeding to deal with those patchy bits of grass
Shake it up
• Give the box a good shake to mix up the seeds
Use fruit netting
• This will prevent birds snacking on your efforts
Keep leftovers
• Place seeds in an airtight container so you can fill in any patches later down the line
Remember, lawns are living plants. Proper care depends on your soil type, grass variety and regional conditions.
Get caring now and turn your brown and muddy lawn into the stuff of emerald dreams.


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Keeping your your lawn in incredible shape takes effort, but it’s one that will leave you heralded by every house around. Good luck in the turf war.

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