Recycling your old doors for the garden

By on 1st October in Garden

Just when you thought there was no use for the old door that you were reluctantly going to throw out into the skip, here’s a brainwave for you: it could have a new use in your garden!

Whether you use it for a garden gate or for a feature in the garden, you will be pleased that you recycled the door and gave it a new lease of life!

Here are some of our favourite door ideas that we thought we would share with you.

Which one is your favourite?

A glazed door used as a  gateway between two parts of the garden. Source:

Doors used underneath an archway with picket fencing. Source:

Doors made into a pergola on a pathway in the garden. Source:

A beautiful stained glass door surround and door.  The sunlight shining through the glass enhancing the colours. Source:

Doors painted green and with a weathered look and made into a  garden feature. Source:

Four doors put together and made into a mini shed for storing garden tools. Source:

Four brightly painted doors made into a child’s play area. Source:

A half glazed door with the added feature of a window box. Source:

If you are looking for a little more inspiration for your old door then we would suggest having a look on Pinterest,  where there is an amazing array of ideas for using old doors for gates and other features.  Once you have seen them it will be very difficult to decide on your favourite!

If you have used an old door in your garden we would love to see a picture of it.  Either send it in to [email protected] or pin it to our Garden Ideas board on Pinterest