Love Your Garden – Episode 2

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Alan Titchmarsh and his team had a challenge on their hands in episode 2 of Love Your Garden as they had to create a garden suitable for the Jones’ who have a large family including two children with special needs. This was a very emotional episode (I literally had to hold back tears) and it will have touched the hearts of many of the viewers.

Understandably, with the parents hands tied looking after their family, the garden had become overgrown and in desperate need of some TLC. The Jones’ needed an area where their 2 children with special needs could safely explore. The garden also needed an area for their older children to be teenagers and enjoy the garden, as well as a lovely dining area for the whole family to have some good ol’ British BBQ food.

The garden looked absolutely beautiful, the traditional, rustic sandstone walls were matched with the pathway, the fragrant and aesthetic flowers were a treat all the senses, the curves created gave great character to what was a very rectangular garden. Poppy, the youngest child, has cerebral palsy which has left her physically disabled, but she is still cognitively very active and alert so this sensory garden is perfect for her. Seeing her little face light up when she was walked around the garden by her brothers and sisters must have been intrinsically very rewarding to all of those who helped create this stunning garden.

The Jones’ now had an incredible garden to enjoy as a family, something the parents were desperate to have and a value they hold close their hearts.

The programme was very flowery; there were so many different plants used! I thought the Pergenia was the prettiest flower, as was the Wisteria, although this flower was not used as it is renound for being a ‘diva’ plant, needing lots of maintenance. I am particularly jealous of the herb area of the garden – as a keen chef I would love all of the herbs they had growing in my back garden. The scents and aroma that would be swirling around their garden must be enchanting, something I am sure Poppy and the family will enjoy.

I enjoyed David Domoney’s pathway he created using the honeycomb membrane and aluminium. The lightly coloured stones brightened the whole garden, making it feel much more spacious, and contrasting beautifully against the walls and the black swinging chair. The wooden hut and thatched roof created an ideal dining area for the family and with the smaller wall creating an ideal barbequing area, the Jones will be able to enjoy every sunny occasion.

This was a very inspiring garden, it was sleek, attractive, practical and most of all, fun. I am sure the Jones’ will have hours of fun and memories in this exquisite garden. For the neighbours it will really be a case of keeping up with the Jones’.

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