Judgement Day for Donington

By on 9th August in Garden

Donington is the village being judged today by the RHS Britain in Bloom judges, John Woodward and Mel Henley.

They will be visiting the local Skate park, not somewhere you would expect to see the RHS judges who are assessing the villages resources, plants, flowers and gardens to see if they are the best.

John and Mel will check out the geraniums on a roundabout, and view the greenhouse where cuttings and young plants have been grown into magnificent specimens from those originally donated from a local farmer. These have now produced some scrumptious fruit and vegetables.

They will also get a tour around the 11 allotments, 1 of which is used by a local school, growing a wide variety of flowers, trees, fruit and vegetables for some organic food.

A more unusual trip for the team will be to Flinders park which is growing pumpkins, which I imagine are looking good, especially as we are now edging ever closer to Halloween. I am sure the local school will be taking full advantage of these on October 31st.

The next stop will be to the sensual High Street herb garden, which is used by the whole community to help create wonderfully tantalising foods. I imagine they will probably be using some of the cook books from the Library, the final destination for the RHS judges.

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