Giving your garden a Spring clean!

By on 14th May in Garden

Spring time means spring cleaning. It’s the time of year when the feather dusters are worked into every nook and cranny to keep homes clean and fresh. When the unpredictable weather allows, the garden should come in for similar treatment too – although it’s less about dusting and more about planting!

May is a great month to tend to your garden. Leaves are back on trees, grass is growing fast and the warmer weather  means that plants will grow and bring colour and vibrancy to your patch, not to mention a great variety of wildlife too.

David Domoney

Now that we’ve hopefully seen the last of overnight frosts it’s time to introduce bedding plants to borders, pots, containers and hanging baskets. There’s loads of good garden advice from TV gardener David Domoney on how to help your garden thrive, so be sure to check out his website and try some of his ideas.

If you’ve got a rather plain garden and are in search of some inspiration, you can get loads of ideas from David and Alan Titchmarsh on ITV’s Love Your Garden. The channel is currently showing repeats ahead of a new series, which is due to start at the end of June. It should help transform any blank garden canvas!

One of the great advantages of having a garden awash with colour is the wildlife it attracts. Our gardens provide homes for birds, so if you’re house proud then it’s important to be garden proud too, in order to help our feathered friends.

House sparrows, blackbirds, blue tits and starlings are some of the most popular garden birds in Britain, but their numbers are falling. While you’re tending to your garden this month, why not encourage them to visit your little haven by fixing a nest box to a wall, fence or tree? A bird house or feeder (up high, to keep them safe from cats!) will add character to your outside space.


Spring time is nest building time, so after you’ve treated your lawn it’s a good idea to leave twigs and dried moss near your feeders for birds to build their little homes. It’s these small considerations while you’re planting, cutting and pruning that make a big difference to the bird community.

There’s more information and advice on how to care for your garden through all four seasons – and boost bird numbers at the same time – on our Birds of Britain infographic. Happy gardening!

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