Britain in Bloom – Woodlesford

By on 25th July in Garden

Anglian Home Improvements are the sponsors of this years Britain in Bloom. We have been receiving applications for upcoming projects for communities across the UK. Here is one from Woodlesford.

As part of our efforts to improve the area, we are about to embark on a scheme
to turn an uninteresting piece of grassland into an attractive display which
would include shrubs, trees and flowers. It is also proposed that we add some
pottery in the scheme as it will be close to the site of a pottery factory which was
quite well known around Yorkshire and beyond.

There will also be an explanation board for those interested. We intend to have
such explanation boards in various locations around the village so as to explain
the Heritage of our area to local citizens and visitors alike.

The estimated cost is approximately  £2,000.00, but of course we realise that the
upper limit of the grant is £500 and therefore we will find the rest of the money
elsewhere, as we think this project is a very worthwhile one.

It will not only educate all who visit the site but will also make it a far more
attractive area and would improve this corner of Woodlesford. Thereby
improving our chances of doing well on behalf of Yorkshire in Bloom in our

We hope that we are successful in our claim as there is such a lot of enthusiasm
within our group.
P.S.  The Finalist banners are ordered, but not delivered as yet.  We will be placing them strategically along the judging route.

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