Anglian Driveways built to new Government legislation

By on 14th May in Garden

Extreme-weatherThe effects of climate change could well mean more frequent and heavier rainfall, subsequent flooding due to increased surface water that overwhelms the drainage system to your house. The Government last year introduced legislation which requires planning permission for driveways and introduced additional requirements for installing a driveway with a view to lessoning potential flooding.

What local Councils can do

If your driveway is built without the relevant planning permission that Anglian Home Improvements provide you could be forced to remove the drive, become open to prosecution and in the most extreme cases local councils can place bollards in front:

With the increased rainfall we have seen over the last few years, flash floods and localised flooding, Building Regulations also require you to dispose of rainwater from your driveways as effectively as possible. A solution would be the introduction of a soakaway drive.

Soakaway drive

An Anglian soakaway drive controls the sudden and unexpected surge of increased rain water onto the driveway. The soakaway drive distributes the water-runoff in a controlled and effective manner while maintaining a capacity for any further rain fall. The shape, size and construction of the soakaway will affect the speed of water discharge, as indeed the soil conditions will.


The Anglian Survey would ensure the best solution is chosen for your property. This is often dependant on the type of soil, height of local water table and whether a soakaway drive can be sited at least 5 metres from any outer building.

Anglian Home Improvements cover all the Governments’ requirements and ensure a legal and environmental solution for your ideal driveway. Anglian always takes pride in their corporate and social responsibility when managing any environmental issues through the development of¬†their products.

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