Winter Bringing UK to a Halt

By on 13th December in Fun

With airports closing for days on end, trains running limited lines and roads becoming ice rinks, it comes as no real surprise that there are just as many problems happening at peoples homes too.

Many people are finding their properties suffering from the snow and cold weather, with pipes bursting and some buildings even collapsing!

NFU Mutual Chief Executive, John Kenny said, “We are urging people who haven’t taken steps to prepare for snow and ice to do so now to reduce the risk of an accident or the misery a burst pipe in the home can cause.”

As this cold snap has caught a lot of people off guard accidents and problems are happening fast and often as many people haven’t prepared their property for the freezing weather.

It’s all well and good stating this, but how do we protect our homes from Jack Frost’s prolonged stay that is enveloping Britain at the moment?

Well having a well insulated home is a basic starting point. As well as keeping your house warm, it helps in reducing your fuel bills! Poor insulation will see you throwing money away,through the roof and drafty nook or crannies.

Double glazed windows and doors, with draft excluders will minimise your heat loss saving you an average of £130 a year off your bills. The materials used are made to be able to withstand the harshest of weathers, so you can relax and not worry what effect the ice will have on your windows.

Nottingham Hit Hard

If you want to save more money on your bills, reducing your thermostat by 1°C can lower your bills by 10! A little extra cash for the ever expensive Christmas period. Maybe a little bit of a stress relief.

Also recommended is keeping your pipes warm, as in some parts of the country it has been cold enough to freeze them! Keeping them warm will prevent the chances of them icing up and bursting, which is the last thing you want to deal with when its -7°C outside!

The weather isn’t set to improve in some parts of the country with the Met office still issuing weather warnings for heavy snow. Not good news as there has also been panic for motorists as petrol is being delayed for delivery with some petrol stations across the UK not receiving fuel. Panic for me yesterday as I was in the red. Bad times!

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