What makes a happy family?

By on 31st July in Fun

Thanks to blockbuster films, glossy magazines and social media stars, we can all be forgiven for comparing our own home set-up to the image of the perfect family every now and then. The reality is that the “perfect” family simply doesn’t exist, but a happy family sure does.

We polled 1,000 British families to discover the secrets to managing a well-balanced domestic life, and to find out what is considered essential for a happy family. Here are some of our fascinating findings…

Money isn’t everything

As the old saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness, and this is certainly the case according to our research. Having plenty of money was deemed important by only 13% of UK families. Reassuringly, “love” was voted as the most important factor in a happy family (76%), closely followed by spending quality time together (70%) and trust (69%).

The most important time is family time

Happy family quality time

There’s nothing quite like quality family bonding time. Around 44% of families voted that finding time to have day trips together is key to raising a happy family. Sharing private family jokes (24%), having Saturday night movie nights (19%) and getting a takeaway once a week (16%) also made the list of what makes a happy home.

It’s good to talk

Communication is key to any relationship – 53% of people agree that being able to talk about anything together is the most important ingredient for a happy family. Asking each other how their day has gone (47%) and being completely honest with each other (45%) also emerged as vital to domestic bliss.

It’s the little things that matter the most

Happy family tea time

Believe it or not, a cup of tea really does solve everything. Research showed that greeting each other with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a great way to make your loved ones happy (17%). We also found that if you can extend a helping hand, it pays to do so. Sharing chores (30%) and cooking together as a family (30%) were all considered important components of a happy household.

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Top two photos by Rhone and Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash