Travel the world with the Worldwide Window Machine

By on 30th July in Fun

Think you have a good knowledge of the world? Have you travelled to all the continents? Well, why not put your skills to the test with the Worldwide Window Machine?

The Worldwide Window Machine

Just out of your window is a huge, wonderful world waiting to be explored! This ingenious new machine, brought to you by Anglian Home Improvements, brings beautiful views of the world to the window. All you have to do is guess exactly where the Worldwide Window Machine has taken you.

The Worldwide Window Machine in actionWhere do you think this is?

Prove you are a worthy challenger in true Christopher Columbus style, pin pointing the 5 locations you have a window view of. Using the Google  Map, you can pin your exact position in the world, earning a score after each guess. You score is tallied up by the amount of miles you are away from the actual location.

Once you have completed all 5, you can gain a ranking from globetrotter Phileas Fogg, to travel miser Karl Pilkington. The lower your score, the better! Once you have your score (good or bad), share it on your Facebook or Twitter page using #WorldwideWindow. You could even put your friends on Facebook and Twitter to the challenge and see if you are the cleverest of them all.

I have of course tested the machine out to set the benchmark for all of you, even though I haven’t travelled the world or the seven seas (I feel a song coming on!). Surprisingly, I have done pretty well and got myself a very good score (my best so far), seeing views from the Grand Canyon, spotting the Empire State Building in the background of one view to help me get a perfect score of 0 and then off to the beaches of Thailand.

New York pin pointedYes, I did get a score of zero on one of my guesses!

I have been around the world in 5 minutes and I’m not suffering from jet-lag. Go play the game and let me know if you beat my score of 5331 points.

My final score

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