On The Ninth Day Of Christmas….

By on 9th December in Fun

The Best Christmas Pudding

Get in the Christmas pudding early, you never know if they are going to run out of the shops!

Should you be feeling a bit adventurous, why not try making the Christmas pudding yourself? I would recommend using the ever popular and local to Norwich, Delia Smith’s recipe. It’s relatively easy to make and tastes beautiful.

The Christmas pudding can be traced as far back as the 1420’s, with traditions such as putting a coin into the pudding originating around the 16th century, when silver coins were put in the pudding to bring good luck and wealth to whoever got the coin.

However, this tradition died out due to alloy coins being made, causing many people to believe it would taint the pudding. Not only that it is a choking hazard! Many people damaged their teeth or swallowed the coin.

Coins weren’t the only good luck charm to be put into the mixture, silver thimbles (for good money management), tiny wishbones (for good luck) and miniture anchors (for a safe harbour) were also put in.

These are not things i would recommend to do though! Rather than choke one of your guests, why not just give them a pound?

Now time for the ever hilarious Joker John.

What does James Bond eat at Christmas?

Mince spies!

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