On The 23rd Day Of Christmas…

By on 24th December in Fun

'Tis the season to be jolly

This is the part of Christmas I absolutely hate with a passion, I’m not very good at it and only end up frustrated, covered in tape and wrapping paper.

This to me seems a job that women do a whole lot better than men, their presents always look amazing, tidy and pretty, whereas a man’s (especially mine) look like it has just been rolled into a ball and tape put on wherever possible.

However, for all those people who can’t wrap presents there are charitable places and people that will wrap your presents for you for a small fee. So if you are dreading doing this deed, why not pay someone else to do it? Easy peasy!

You can carry on shopping or grab a bite to eat whilst they do it all for you especially if you have lots of stuff.

There is a cheaper alternative, some shops give away gift bags or gift wrap the presents for you in store, something I took full advantage of yesterday whilst shopping for my girlfriend.

John has got another one of his amazingly hilarious jokes for us today!

What do reindeer hand on their Christmas trees?


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