On The 19th Day Of Christmas…

By on 20th December in Fun

Christmas Crackers

One necessity that has to be on the table at Christmas are Christmas crackers!

You can’t beat the paper hats, silly jokes (like John’s) or novelty gifts you get inside them. I always find it funny when you pull them and out pops a mini toy car, flying straight into someones glass of wine!

Crackers were first invented in 1847 by Thomas J.Smith of London, as a development of his bon-bon sweets. As sales of the bon-bon started to slump he was thinking of new ways to promote his sweet, deciding to put a motto inside the twisted paper wrapper.

This promotion had limited success, so when he threw a log onto the fire and heard it crackle it sparked off an idea! He wanted to make something which banged when you pulled it to wrap his bon-bons.

The size of the paper had to increase to incorporate the banging mechanism, and eventually the sweet was removed altogether, being replaced with a gift.

Now lets reveal the cracking joke from John today!

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

A Christmas quacker!

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