New Year, New Start!

By on 30th December in Fun

Firwoeks on New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve, or Old Year’s night as it’s formerly known as, is a specific time of year for most people as this is when they start to decide their resolutions. Whether it’s to stop smoking or perhaps lose some Christmas holiday weight, people all over the world will make targets for them to achieve.

For 2011 what will be your’s?

My personal New Year’s resolution is to start saving. I have always had trouble trying to save my money as I’m known by my friends and family to be a major shopaholic, and since moving in with my boyfriend, I’ve found it hard to put money aside for those new pair of boots that keep winking at me every time I walk past them in the mall. It’s gotten to the point now where I try and stay away from the city centre all together to stop myself from being tempted. It’s agonizingly painful when you go into the city centre with no money and find something that you really like but cant afford. What I find the worst is when I do have money and have a little look around; I can’t find anything at all!

So for 2011 I will start to put a small amount of money aside each month, into a savings account. My boyfriend and I are planning to see my father next spring who lives in America and I will desperately need spending money, especially if we decided to go to one of their many shopping malls to treat ourselves.

The only problem is our washing machine decided to pack in last week and we have both agreed that we will definitely need to buy a new one. With all the offers that is going around at the moment and with the V.A.T going up next month, it’s safe to say that we will need to get one soon. Plus, I’m get a little tired having to pop round my Aunt’s house to use her washing machine every other day. I don’t think she appreciates me using up her electricity. Oops. So already that means I will have to take a step back on saving a little in January to pay for the washing machine.

I haven’t even started saving yet and already something has crept up on us. Oh dear, this saving business is not going to go well I can tell already.

But on a lighter note, my boyfriend and I have already discussed that considering it will be a new year for us, how about something new for the house? Well apart from the new washing machine, that doesn’t count in my eyes. So we were thinking about installing a new conservatory.

Verandah Regency

Luckily, with Anglian they do superb offers for conservatories, like for this one above. Now I’m not just saying this because I work for them, check it out here for yourself if you don’t believe me! Also at the moment they’re doing a brilliant offer of a 25 discount off any conservatories and conservatory verandahs.

This one above I love, not only does it have all the requirements of a conservatory, it also has an extra compartment on the side to sit outside in the summer and get a gorgeous tan or perhaps host a family bbq, and still be sheltered if you get caught out by our ever changing weather patterns. I suppose that’s the problem with our British weather, you can watch the lovely weather girl tell you that it will be sunny and not a cloud in the sky, but guarantee within a few hours, rain clouds will appear.

So how about it then; a new year, with a new conservatory. Or perhaps you may already have one, well in that case how about some new windows or even a brand new luxurious front door that will cost you pennies.

I know what my New Year resolution will be.


First my holiday and then the conservatory!

See you in the New Year!!

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