Micro-Gardening Competition Winners

By on 11th August in Fun

A couple of months back we ran a competition to inspire the nation to showcase their micro-gardens, introducing a natural zone to their homes when garden space is lacking.

Having a micro-garden is the ideal method to introduce greenery to your home especially when you don’t have a garden. By 2020, 2.6 million homes in the UK will be without a private garden according to statistics from a report by the Department for the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs! Therefore a micro-garden is what a lot of city dwellers can do to try and reap the health benefits associated with plants.

A panel of judges from Anglian Home Improvements went through all of the entries to find the three best micro-gardens. Lisa Smith was the winner of the competition with her potman which impressed the judging panel, showing how you can be playful and brighten up limited outdoor space with some simple household items.

Lisa Smith's potman

David Morris and Gondo Saunders were the runners-up in the competition with their impressive entries. David’s miniature alpine garden was quaint and beautiful. He told us how as an ecologist he’s passionate about mountains and their wildlife, but as his garden isn’t big enough to fit Mont Blanc in it, he’s created his own miniature landscape with cliffs, screes and plants from an area of the world he loves!

David Morris's micro-garden based on Mont Blanc

Gondo’s garden utilised the space in his kitchen with small potted plants. As he lives in a first floor flat, he really missed having a garden so created one inside with succulents and tomato plants, slowly filling up all of his windowsills with more and more plants.

Gondo Saunders' kitchen micro-garden

If you’d like to create your own indoor garden, have a read of our useful guide to houseplants. It’s broken down by the level of difficulty and maintenance, so there’s a plant plan for everyone, no matter how skilled at growing plants and flowers you are.

Well done to our winners and happy micro-gardening everyone! You can still share your micro-gardens with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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