#LockedOut Competition Winners and Their Stories

By on 16th August in Fun

Last month’s competition was all about getting locked out or in somewhere as Anglian Home Improvements announced all of their doors would have the Yale 3 Star Cylinder lock, a security product defending your home with maximum security.

Entries could’ve been about getting locked out of your house, your car or places like museums! It seems we’ve all had a situation that lead to us climbing over fences, breaking windows or embarrassingly having to shout for help to passers-by – there was also a trend of people being stranded in just a towel or pyjamas!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your stories and it was a tough decision choosing just 3 lucky winners! Congratulations Rachel Curley, Emma Hedges and Rebecca Mark Morgan, your tales of locking parents in the porch, trapping your dress in a door and getting locked out whilst giving birth were unique to say the least!

To read their #LockedOut stories, see their comments below.

Rachel Curley

Emma Hedges

Rebecca Mark Morgan

To see all of the other entries (highly recommend you do) search #LockedOut on Twitter or Facebook. For more chances to win great prizes, keep an eye out for our next competition!

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