How to upcycle your old Bed frame and give it a new lease of life

By on 6th February in Fun, Guides

Sometimes disposing your old bed that holds a lifetime of memories can be difficult. Even if it means that we are uncomfortable sleeping in a rickety heap of metal or wood, holding on to it can be more important than letting it go.

However, once you have made the decision to let it go finding a new purpose for that most treasured possession, your adored bed; can be  fun giving it a new lease of life.

After disposing of a bed that I have had for over 20 years, I found it really difficult letting the dustman take it away and wished I’d had a project in mind that I could have used it for.  It got me thinking about how many ideas you could upcycle your old bed frame for and I wish I had seen the ideas below before letting it go on the fastest dustcart in the east!

So to save you the same heart ache, my first port of call for ideas was Pinterest.  There were lots of ideas on how to recycle an old bed frame for the home and garden, and I wanted to share my favourites with you.

Wooden bed frame ideas – Inside

Green bench made from bedGreen bench made from bed

The head and foot board of this bed from Paintedtherapy have been used to make a great seat.  There are many variations on this using a metal framed bed.  I think they look great and with the finials give them a grand look once painted.

Dog bed

I could not resist this idea of a dogs bed made from a recycled chair from Better Homes & Gardens

Wooden bed frame ideas – Outside

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This is my favourite idea for recycling a children’s bunk bed from  It is a great way of doubling up on space if you have a small courtyard.  Dual purpose with a sitting area below and a planting area above, is a great idea!

Metal bed frame ideas – Inside

770   funkyjunkineriors blog

These straight bed springs from funky junk interiors have been used to hang items on.

Metal bed frame ideas – Outside

Old bed as a gate

An ornate metal bed head is used as a garden gate looks very inviting.

bycycle inner tube and bedframe bench

With a little imagination even this old metal bed frame from with a woven sitting area can be made into a seat.

Four poster bed as a flower bed

It does not matter what size the bed is, when filled with bright plants as this one from it really makes a great feature.

Flower bed

This old single metal bed from glamourdrops has been turned into a raised flower box.

Bed double gate

This repurposed Futon frame from Pinterest has been used as a garden gate and looks very imposing.


If you are looking for something to help you carry things around, what about this small bed frame from who have converted the frame into a trailer to pull behind a bike.

We really hope that you liked our selection of recycled bed parts, which will inspire you to be creative.  Why not find a use for the old bed that’s been stored and gathering dust in your garage?

Be creative and get recycling your old bed for inside or out!