The best Pancake Day pictures from around the world

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Ah, Pancake Day – a day that’s entirely dedicated to gorgeously-golden pancakes smeared with sugar and lemon, topped with butter or drenched in syrup. Sometimes all three. It’s one of the few occasions where we don’t have to justify eating sweets for dinner. Yes, Pancake Day is arguably one of the best days of the year.

In honour of Pancake Day, we’re asking everyone to share with us their pancake pictures on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest on Tuesday. We want to see how you do your best stacks – plus, we’re not afraid of a little pancake envy.

That said, we’re getting the ball rolling with some of the best Pancake Day pictures from around the world. They’re all the syrupy, sugary goodness you’ll need to get in the Pancake Day spirit. Get your forks ready.


In England, there’s this gorgeous plate of classic pancakes…

And then there are these. These are just absurd.


Are these pancakes or just actual cake? Pancakes stuffed with icing to look like cake? All of the above? Please discuss.


The fruit on this plate alone is enough food for a meal. We love that there are two little forks included here – as if we have any intention of sharing.

The United States

Nothing says U-S-A quite like a stack of traditional American-style blueberry pancakes.


We can’t believe we’re saying this, but this pancake setup is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.


Are these Australian pancakes still healthy if we eat four plates?


These Israeli pancakes are a cross between a pancake and a crumpet, and we aren’t complaining.


Pancakes and a view! Not bad.


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💞PANCAKESUNDAY💞 . Melde mich heute sehr gut erholt zurück. 😌 . Wer von euch geht gerne in die Sauna ? 🤔😁 Ich hatte ja noch vor ein paar Jahren immer große Bedenken überhaupt eine Sauna zu betreten ! A) Ich hatte Sorge um meinen Kreislauf und B) Hatte ich ein Problem damit mich komplett nackt vor fremden Leuten zu zeigen 🙈 Absolute Gruselvorstellung für mich gewesen! 😅 . Heute kann ich es einfach nur jedem empfehlen! 😌👌🏼 Es tut dem Körper so gut und ich habe die Nacht so gut geschlafen. 😌 #delicious 💞 . . Die Sorge um meinen Kreislauf ist mittlerweile unberechtigt , weil ich ja wieder regelmäßig und gut esse! Was vor 4-5 Jahren eben nicht so war. Nun gibt es lecker #pancakes und dann geht’s ins Beintraining! 😁 #legday #bootybuilding #workhard

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There are more raspberries and blueberries on these pancakes than there are flakes of chocolate, which technically means they’re one of our five a day.

We’ll now be spending the next 24 hours in the kitchen preparing our stacks. Don’t forget to share your pancake pictures with us on Facebook (Anglian Home Improvements), Twitter (@anglianhome), Instagram (@anglianhome) or Pinterest (Anglian Home Improvements) – we’d love to see your creations!

Header image by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash.

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