At least one of these Awesome Baths will be on your Lottery List

By on 19th February in Fun

There are certain times in your life when having a bath is much more appealing than taking a shower.

Over thousands of years the principle design of the bath has changed very little, but having a bath has become much more about the event, atmosphere and environment.  It’s not just a case of getting in the bath, having a quick wash and getting out, but savouring the moment and enjoying the experience.

With many wonderful new designs, materials and manufacturing techniques now available we decided to escape from the conventional marble, cast iron and enamelled baths and select for your delectation an amazing diversity of awesome bath designs to inspire your new bathroom.

Wooden Baths

The bathroom is one of the most private rooms in our homes, and over recent years its decoration has gone from basic to glamorous, luxurious and even an art form.


Perhaps a little masculine in its look, this bath has a velvety feel that would envelope you and caress your troubles away. This wooden bath is very seductive and has my vote!

Wooden-Bathtubs-the ownernetwork

This amazing wooden bath carved out of a tree trunk is in the boutique hotel, Mio, Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Rock Bath

Rock bath

A reinforced floor maybe needed for this beautiful rock bath. Once positioned in the room that is where it will be staying for a long time.

Double Baths

In a straw pole, it seems that we like to climb into our baths with candles around the room, listen to music, and have a chat with our nearest and dearest.

Gravels Surrounding Built-in White Tub for Tranquil Sense and Lots of Candles Surrounding Tub for Romantic Sense

This luxurious double sunken bathroom is lit with candles, making the relaxing mood very inviting.

Twin Tub

If you like to share your bath time, you can comfortably lay in this bath with a partner.

We have hectic lives, run on adrenalin and are constantly on the go.  Taking time out for a bath is our way of getting off the hamster wheel and slowing down, without any outside interference from the telephone, TV or computer.

Bath with a View

Bath time is our personal time to shut ourselves away from the family and wallow in our own private dream world, washing away the day’s troubles.

Bath with Mountain view

This wonderful sunken bath looks out on to an amazing view.

Copper bath in classic bathroom

The rich colour of this copper bath makes the room feel warm and welcoming – the view isn’t bad either.

 Glass Bath

Glass bath

Decide which view you want to enjoy, and if you want to share the bath with anyone, then get in this double end bath with glass sides and enjoy!

Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky 2

Now this is an amazing Suspended Bath Sphere, although I’m not sure where the taps are?

Hammock bath

This suspended bath reminds me of a leaf as it floats on down the river.

High heel bath

If the slipper fits – Shoe fans, this is the ultimate bath for you?

Which bath would you like in your home?  For me, it would have to be the first dark wood one.


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