An Artist has made a House in London Entirely from Wax


From far away, this house looks like any other typical home in London. But when you step a little closer, you will see that first looks can be deceiving!

This is far from your typical London home, unless of course, you do regard a house made almost entirely of wax as the norm. Using 8,000 wax bricks, artist Alex Chinneck built the house on Southwark Street in London, where it will gradually melt over its estimated 30 day lifespan.

The Melting House Before

The photo above shows how the house looked at the beginning of the process. The piece is titled ‘A Pound of Flesh for 50p’ and is part of MERGE Festival – an annual series of art, music and performances that focus on the heritage and culture of London’s Bankside. It celebrates the history of an old candle-making factory that was in the area for a few hundred years.

Melting House

The construct was finished at the end of September and is thought to last until the 18th of November; where only the roof will remain above a melted and distorted pile of wax. Over the last year, the artist has collaborated with chemists, manufacturers and engineers to develop visually convincing bricks that manipulate in the most sculptural effective way. The paraffin bricks are being regularly warmed with handheld heaters to keep dripping as consistent as possible. 

Dripping Wax House

British artist Chinneck is no stranger to making this sort of eye-catching sculpture. For MERGE Festival 2013 Chinneck built an upside down building ‘Miner on the Moon’ to international acclaim. He was also the genius behind the piece titled ‘From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes’, (also referred to as the ‘sliding house’ which was a construct in Margate in Kent, which tricked the viewer into thinking the facade of a four-storey house has simply slipped down, revealing the upper layer to the elements. 

Wax Window

A three-bedroom Georgian house and garden in London’s Southwark Street would probably set you back somewhere in the region of £1,000,000, so basically, the solution to these eye-watering and ever-soaring prices could be houses made of wax.

Ok…perhaps not, but it’s looks very cool all the same. 

Close Up of the Wax House


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