8 Steps to having the Best British Summer in 2014

By on 17th June in Fun, Guides

The Sun has made a glorious appearance and the summer vibes are rippling across gardens up and down the UK, BBQs are burning, as are a few sun-lotion-phobes, but what is the perfect recipe to the best summer ever?

Have your home ready for Sun and rain

Sun isn’t the be all and end all though. Even if it is rainy, you can still take advantage of rooms like conservatories, orangeries, sun rooms or even rooms with big bi-fold doors to bring you closer to the great outdoors.

Verandahs are another good structure that allows you to get in touch with mother nature, getting plenty of fresh air, whilst staying warm(ish) and dry.

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, then you know exactly where you’ll be spending your summer!

As Vivian Greene said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Couple enjoying their conservatory verandah

Crack out the garden games

Giant Jenga, Swingball, lawn bowls, badminton, football, volleyball, lawn darts (or Jarts), Slip ‘n’ Slides, French cricket, the list is endless!

These are all classic games I remember playing with the whole family growing up. There’s always one relative that is super competitive and there’s normally a few tears from one of the younger kids if they lose, but it’s all part of the fun.

The paddling pool is one garden necessity when the weather is hot! The children will be playing in it all day, with the older generation dipping their toes occasionally. 9 times out of 10 it does result in a water fight and one adult getting a good soaking.

Slip n Slide


I think this is one of the most iconic features of the British summer. The barbecue is typically a gathering place for the males of the party who all insist on standing around chatting, whilst keeping a close eye on the meat that’s slowly blackening over the raging flames.

Outdoor kitchens are a growing trend. They’re already big in Australia and America and are becoming more popular over here. With Verandahs also becoming more common, combining the two to create an outside kitchen is a real possibility.

BBQ in the rain

Whatever you do though, do not use a barbecue indoors…it may seem obvious, but it has been done before.

Trips to the Beach

Great British seaside resorts bring in hundreds of thousands of holiday goers every year, all of whom are desperate to enjoy the tacky amusements, go on donkey rides, build sand castles and take a dip in the not so blue sea.


Beer, Cider and Wine

For adults, this is basically fuel for the summer. Fruity ciders, crisp wines and hearty beers will be ever present during the summer months. Chin chin.

Wine in a basket

Boat Trips

This may just be me, living near the Norfolk Broads, but a boat trip is a great way to spend a hot summer’s day. Hours of chugging along in beautiful scenery, seeing nature at its best and relaxing with your nearest and dearest.

If you don’t live near a scenic lake, river or canal, I recommend you plan a trip.

Norfolk broad


Festivals and the summer go hand in hand. Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, V Festival, Sundown, Download, Isle of Wight festival – all of these coincide with the summer.

Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything,” and the summer time is when all of this happens.

Mumford & Sons festival

Theme Parks

For those adrenaline junkies, theme parks provide the thrills and with summer weather, you aren’t queuing for hours in the rain. Nobody wants to be riding Oblivion in the pouring rain. What’s more is if you want to cool off you go on the log flume.


If you think we’ve missed anything from our list, leave us a comment with what makes your summer.

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