Valentine’s Incentive – Story 7

By on 8th February in Our Company News

I got a valentines day story for the blog, and it’s a true one.

When I was in middle school, me and my best friend both bought our boyfriends the same Valentine’s day card as we thought it was a cute card. On Valentine’s day at school, I gave my boyfriend his card and he gave me my mine.

It wasn’t until we had our lunch that we all started to get out our Valentine’s Day cards to show off to the kids who didn’t (children can be cruel sometimes). My boyfriend got out his to show in front of his mates and it wasn’t until one of his friends took the card off him and started laughing that I realised that my so called ‘best friend’ gave my boyfriend the same Valentine’s Day card as mine! She put her name in it and everything!

It was safe to say that after that, my boyfriend and I broke up, and my ‘best friend’ and I fell out. Well, we fell out for about a week and then we were friends again.

School times hey? They were the days…

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