The Glazing Ombudsman Is Official Industry Ombudsman

By on 23rd April in Our Company News

The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO) were pleased to announce their new status as an official ombudsman member, thanks to their accreditation by the British and Irish Ombudsman Association. They are now the official ombudsman scheme that will settle domestic glazing installation complaints in the UK.

To gain this status the TGO had to meet 5 criteria, set by the BIOA; the ombudsman’s effectiveness, fairness, openness, transparency and public accountability. This strict criteria was met by the TGO who are delighted to be the official ombudsman scheme for UK glazing.

For the first time, customers have an accredited ombudsman to rely on should a dispute arise, without having to go to court.

This new ombudsman scheme should boost consumer confidence when it comes to buying from a company who are registered with TGO. The companies that are registered with this ombudsman, including Anglian Home Improvements, must have full confidence in their product and service, even offering customers free access to TGO.

TGO Chairman, Graham Hinett, stated the ombudsman would be neutral in all cases, doing it’s utmost to not take sides. “If the ombudsman decides that the service the customer received was unsatisfactory, TGO can ask the company to put matters right,” he said. Each decision made by the ombudsman will be explained thoroughly on how they came to their conclusion.

Compensation can also be given, from a simple apology to a financial remuneration, depending on the circumstances. These awards are only in extreme circumstances to put consumers back into a position they were prior to the installation.

Anglian Home Improvements are proud to say they are registered with The Glazing Ombudsman. If you would like to find traders registered with TGO, click here.

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