The 5 O’Clock Show is a piece of cake for Peter Andre!


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Last week we announced the latest in TV sponsorship deals for Anglian in partnership with the new primetime weekday programme “The 5 O’clock Show” on Channel 4.

Yesterday I found myself on the couch watching the first show which was hosted by the much talked about Peter Andre with guest appearance from Louis Walsh.

At the beginning of the show I saw the completed new Anglian Bumpers for the first time, these were filmed at Hedingham Castle.

 Today I’ve uploaded the completed bumpers, merged into one clip on YouTube:

Without a doubt my favourite bumper is around 2.19 minutes into the clip and shows the Anglian Knight trying to get a better TV signal by using his lance, one word,  brilliant!

For more fun and entertainment this week remember to tune into Channel 4 everyday this week at 5pm. Peter Andre will be bringing some more laughs and star guests to the latest must see daytime show.

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