Sally Gunnell Working Very Hard

By on 17th April in Our Company News

The London 2012 Olympics is nearly here, the athletes Anglian Home Improvements are sponsoring are getting more and more excited as each day passes, including Sally Gunnell who has kindly sent us this blog.

Last time I wrote to you, I said I couldn’t wait for Spring.  Well, now we have a hosepipe ban!  Over the last two weeks, we’ve had warm sun every day, on the back of a pretty dry February and March.  It’s made training a whole lot more fun, especially now that the clocks have gone forward.

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the Olympic Park 5 mile run recently.  6,000 people were chosen from a huge mass of applicants.  And what a day we all had!  I got to run round the Velodrome, Aquatics and Handball centres, before coming in to the Olympic Stadium itself, to the Chariots of Fire theme tune.  I totally forgot myself and was caught in the moment.  I started waving at all the members of the public; I haven’t done that for years, since I was competing in fact.  It was such fun, but I feel a little bit embarrassed today.  Still, they all waved back and not all of them were laughing…

The Olympic Park is something to be very proud of.  Once it’s properly open, you must go and have a look.  I promise you’ll be impressed.  The security took a little time, but I guess that’s the world we live in today; I’m sure that come the Olympics, there’ll be a massive team of people making sure we all pass in and out safely and quickly.

The other day I was with the Royal Mail launching a new initiative.  It’s one that I would have loved back in my day.  Every Team GB Gold Medallist will have their moment of glory captured and put on to a stamp…within a day! Now that’s what I call good use of technology.  Let’s hope the clever guys at the Royal Mail have to work night shifts to keep up with the backlog of GB winners…

…talking of which, most of our top guys are now doing their altitude training, either in California or out in Kenya.  I’ve chatted with a few of them and I’m pleased to say that everybody is on track and feeling good.  This is such a key time.  You have to be able to train hard now, meaning that you don’t want any niggles, knocks or illnesses slowing you down.  That glory day in the stadium will feel quite a long way off for our guys at the moment; they’re living in a world of sweat, pain and near exhaustion.  But it’s all worth it if you win in the summer.

My own exhaustion comes from an endless merry-go-round of interviews and appearances.  I love it, I really do, but today I was talking to a friend on the telephone and he cheekily said “I love the husky voice.”  Time to stop talking and get a little bit of rest! It’ll be nice and relaxing at your annual conference, in a few weeks’ time.  I’ve loved the events I’ve done with you so far; there’s always a friendly, chilled-out atmosphere.  I’ll do my best to make sure I’m not croaking my way around the room when I see you all! (I think we remove this line or two, very internal but otherwise OK)

Catch you in a few weeks with my next Blog…

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