Saint David’s Day – 1st March

By on 1st March in Our Company News

We would like to celebrate Saint David’s Day in honour of our CEO, as he originates from Wales and is very patriotic about his country and Anglian Home Improvements.

The 1st of March was chosen many years ago to remember the death of Saint David.  In Welsh you would say Dydd Gwyl Dewi  Saint David, is the patron saint of Wales.

It is said that David died on this day in 589 and this date was declared a national day of celebration within Wales in the 18th century.    Saint David is often depicted in pictures and stained glass windows holding a dove and often standing on a hillock. Perhaps today more known for his symbol of a leek.

What design will you have on your decorative glass?

In honour of this great Saint why not take a look at the Anglian web site to see our fantastic range of products that the company can offer every home owner to suit their needs.

You too can be patriotic and support us on this great day by choosing your own decorative glass window product from our extensive range of glass or why not make up your own design to go in the windows or doors of your choice.  Will you choose a leek or a dove?

As the leading manufacturer and installer of conservatories, windows and doors and double glazing products for over 40 years, Anglian Home Improvements now also have an increasing portfolio of further home improvements including orangeries.

Go on look……… you know you want to!

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