The Anglian eyes are on the Solar panels and the sun

By on 19th February in Product & Promotions

Anglian Home Improvements is pleased to announce they have re-entered the solar market, selling top quality, Photovoltaic solar panels.


Solar panel fitting

Solar panels being fitted to the roof

With the ever rising cost of fuel bills, people’s desire to reduce their heating costs and their reliance on non-renewable fuel sources, our ability to help the planet and our purses is becoming more poignant.

Figures issued earlier in the year have indicated that by installing a Photovoltaic solar system you can generate up to 40% of your own electricity needs, reduce your CO2 emissions and improve your home’s Energy Performance Certificate.  An Energy Performance Certificate advises the home owner of where energy savings can be made.  This includes loft and cavity wall insulation, heating and lighting usage.  These measurements show the owner where energy saving improvements can be made to their home, which in turn will save them money.

Photovoltaic solar panels are installed on the roof and use the sun’s rays to generate electricity for domestic use.  Excess electricity generated can be fed back into the National Electricity Grid through your energy supplier.  The money paid to you by the supplier is called the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).  The  FIT payment per each unit (kilowatt hour or kWh) of electricity you generate is set by the  Government and recently went through some changes, all of which are explained in the video below.

Is your home ready for solar panels?

Here is a simple checklist that can decipher if your home is ready for photovoltaic solar panels;

  1. You own the property.
  2. You are not living in a mid-floor flat or basement.
  3. Your home is not a listed building or in a conservation area.
  4. Your home is supplied by electricity on a meter.
  5. Your home is not overshadowed by trees or other buildings.
  6. If you have a south facing roof, then this is ideal to harvest the sun’s UV rays.

If you are looking to save money and generate your own electricity, photovoltaic solar panels are a great option. To find out Anglian’s installation process for our photovoltaic solar panels, click here.

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