Popstar to Operastar UNCOVERED! Blog 2 of 8


Welcome to the second of eight Pop Stars to Opera Stars UNCOVERED blogs. Today the Blog Team will give you some history and a flavour of the music sung by the 2nd contestant on ITV’s Popstar to Operastar show.

Name: Bernie Nolan

The Facts

She originally came to fame in a family pop group with her five sisters and had success in the charts with hits such as “I’m in the Mood for Dancing”, “Don’t Make Waves”, “Attention to Me” and “Gotta Pull Myself Together”. Over 9 million albums were sold, the majority in Japan where the group’s popularity was at its highest. She also turned to songwriting during this time and wrote two tracks for their 1982 album called “Portrait”.

Bernie Nolan saw continued success in acting as well and stared in the TV series Brookside amongst others. In 2002 she moved across to ITV’s “The Bill” and played the role of Sheelagh Murphy who was involved in a number of challenging storylines. In 2005 Bernie Nolan left but with an option to return to the popular ITV drama.

In 2006 Bernie featured back on Channel 4 in a series called “The Games” followed by theatre stage appearances in 2007.

With her vast experience of musical shows, music and ballads will Bernie be able to step up to sing Opera live on TV? We will have to see.

If Bernie Nolan is your favourite please send us a message on the blog and let us know why you think she can win.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for edition 3 of 8 in Anglian’s Popstar to Operastar UNCOVERED tomorrow when we give you the low down on another contestant.

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