Mischief week


As it is Halloween and Bonfire night all in the space of 5 days, it is prime time for pranksters and opportunist thieves to take advantage of the family being out of the house.


Most people will be out enjoying a firework display

Up to 23 of our houses will be involved in incidents during this week, and many of our homes have insufficient home insurance. This highlights the need for secure double glazed windows and doors and has been illustrated by NFU Mutual, they reported earlier this week that 17 million homes in the UK do not have adequate insurance.

Listed buildings tend not to have the cover required to be fully protected, so their owners need to be extra careful to make sure they are not at risk.

The Co-op recently discovered that 1 in 5 homes are not insured at all, as it is not a legal requirement! Surely you don’t want to risk losing any of your possessions over a simple, small payment each month?

During Mischief week there are always some pranksters who will go too far, making it essential for you to have the correct cover for your home, and make sure they are as secure as they can be.

Not only do you need to guard against these jokers, but burglars will see this as a prime opportunity to capitilise on families being out trick or treating or at a fireworks display, so it has never been more critical for you to make sure you lock up your home properly and make sure it is safe from intruders.

You should make sure you have got the most secure double glazing as possible with key locking handles, excluder devices to form an incredibly strong lock between the mainframe and the opening window and internal glazing preventing a sneaky thief from removing the glass from the outside.

For that extra comfort and security Anglian Home Improvements now produce doors with spy-hole cameras and other security features which are second to none. I was recently told how even the police struggle to break down our doors, giving me extra peace of mind when I leave my home now. 🙂


Make sure your 5th November is memorable for the fireworks, not a ruined home.

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