Langley Sixth Form Students Visit Anglian Factory

By on 14th December in Garden, Our Company News

I recently met up with 20 students from Langley Independent School to have a tour around the Anglian Home Improvements factories.

Students learning

The students are all studying design, technology, engineering and manufacturing, and were using this tour to help understand more about the processes involved to manufacture products.

Learning students

Glass delivered to the factory

Through an understanding of our processes they are being set coursework to envisage their own factory, designing the layout, understanding the product and all of the ways in which it will have to be manufactured.

Shattered glass

We were all shownhow the uPVC profiles are made, how the glass is delivered to the factory cut to size, how decorative glass designs are skilfully hand made onto the glass and finally into the fabrication unit where all of the components are combined to make perfectly structured windows.

Decorative Glass

After being shown how Anglian work behind the scenes the students all genuinely enjoyed the experience, not only because they had a day off school, but also for give them a better insight into how cutting-edge manufacturing really operates.


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