Interview With Norwich City Legend Darren Eadie

By on 23rd March in Our Company News

Premier League in a Day is now over, and after a few recovery days, I had a quick chat with former Norwich City player and my childhood footballing hero, Darren Eadie, who represented Arsenal at this charity event raising money for Sport Relief.

How did you enjoy your first Premier League in a Day?

I thought it was a fantastic day and it was for such a great cause I couldn’t say no. It was a hectic day because of the amount of games, and you don’t realise how much it takes out of you, playing 8 minute 5-a-side games! I was glad I could be a part of it.

Darren shooting at goal

How are you feeling now?

Stiff. My muscles ache!

With many issues as a professional player with your knee, how did it hold out?

It’s sore and swollen. I had to stop playing half way through the day as it became quite painful. My professional career was cut short because the injury kept recurring, but as it was such an amazing cause I didn’t mind. I just can’t twist and turn like I did when I was younger. I know my limits with my knee and I don’t push it harder than I have to.

How did it feel representing Arsenal and losing to Norwich City?

I’m actually a Spurs fan, so it was very peculiar pulling on the red and white Arsenal shirt. I am bound to get some stick from friends and family now! I only wore the shirt to show support for the Premier League in a Day as it’s for a brilliant cause. As for the game against Norwich City, I took one for the team in that game…had to let the yellow and green army have the points. I am an adopted East Anglian now.

Darren Eadie turning

What was your favourite or most memorable goal from the tournament?

I don’t know, there were so many, he joked. I can’t remember to be honest, it’s always nice to score, I was more pleased that Craig (a team member) scored!


Since retiring from professional football, do you still play football? Have you considered management?

I only play the odd charity game here and there, I don’t play any competitive games. Management isn’t something I am currently doing, but I am not ruling it out. You never know what’s going to happen in the future.

Could Darren emulate the success of Nigel Worthington?

Would you be willing to play in the next Premier League in a Day?

Yes, definitely. It’s nice to see such a big company supporting a great cause like Sport Relief. I am an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and have a website, Sellebrity, dedicated to raising money for different charities by selling items donated by celebrities, so I like to do as much as I can to help the less fortunate. I would like to thank everyone at Anglian Home Improvements for all the hard work they did to hold this monumental event and would love to take part next time.

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