Good Luck Anglian 3 Peaks Challengers!

By on 30th September in Our Company News

They are either brave, stupid or both, but the Anglian 3 Peaks Challenge begins at 12pm today, with the climbers taking on Ben Nevis first, followed by Scafell Pike over night and finishing on Snowdon.

The Anglian 3 Peak Climbers are offThey're off!

The team set off yesterday morning on the long journey from Norwich to Scotland; it took a massive 12 hours to get there due to an accident on a main road on the way. However, after a stressful journey to their hotel for the night, the team will have been trying to get a good night’s sleep and not think about their grueling challenge ahead.

I spoke to Paul Kemmett, Mhairi Macmillan, Caroline Mills and Amy Harrison earlier and they all said they were very, very nervous. Anxiety had kicked in for the majority of the climbers as this climb, that has been talked about for months, is becoming a reality. Poor Mhairi, who has sent us several blogs, is feeling a bit sick with anxiety as they travel to the bottom of their first mountain, Ben Nevis. Despite the obvious nerves, the whole team are in good spirits and are looking forward to conquering their first mountain.

Paul Kemmett, Mhairi Macmillan & Caroline Mills on route to Ben NevisPaul Kemmett, Mhairi Macmillan & Caroline Mills on the coach

They start their ascent of Ben Nevis at 12pm today, aiming to finish it at 5pm. After a 6 hour drive to Scafell Pike, they should have completed it by 3am the following morning. Finally after a 5 hour drive to Snowdon, they will climb this final mountain and hopefully finish at 12pm! It will be a frantic 24 hours, they will all be shattered at the finish line, but will have an amazing sense of achievement and proud to be able to say they completed the 3 Peaks Challenge.

Despite the heavens opening today, the team are desperate to complete this challenge and meet their donation target of £15,000 with the money going to Brain Tumour UK. The team have raised £7,000 so far, but every pound counts and helps spur them up the mountains; to donate to the team go to their JustGiving page. The team have worked hard to get to their current donations, raising money through a number of ways including a quiz night at Carrow Road and auctioning of 5 hours of their time to fellow Anglian employees.

Hotel view - ScotlandThe view from the teams hotel.

From everyone at Anglian Home Improvements, we wish the guys and girls climbing these three mountains the best of luck. Feel free to leave good luck wishes on this blog and keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds to see updates throughout the day and night!

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